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tv   CBS4 News at 10PM  CBS  November 16, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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next. >> fire crews working into the night. after a home burns in those warm gusty winds. >> a transgender woman wakes up to hateful messages painted on her car. >> all over the hood was the word trump. >> plus, a denver cop acting like a stalker. three women with creepy accusations, but he is still on the job. >> obviously, the actions were inappropriate. >> a storm watch first at 10:00 tonight. big weather changes are right at our doorstep. after a record degrees today, we expect to top out at 41 tomorrow. and many parts of our state will see snow. >> it will be cold. let's get to meteorologist lauren whitney in the weather center. >> we have changes blowing in. winds are gusty across the state. the cold front has started to move through and we have seen a drastic drop in temperatures already out there. it has been warm today with the winds. but now they are starting to shift just a bit.
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fronted was moving into the state. we have some very gusty winds and the cold front is just starting to move in and temperatures have dropped drastically already in some areas. so karen, we have more on this in a moment. we are talking cold temperatures and in just a moment as well, chris, it has been windy and cold out where you are as well. >> reporter: yeah, we are feeling the first piece of the cold front come through. let me show you the graph we took with the mobile weather lab. early this afternoon, we were in the 60s after sunset and stayed there all the way until just at 9:00 and look at the plunge we took. we have had a roughly 20-degree temperature dive here in just about the last hour. currently 44.6 degrees here with the mobile weather lab. we are in northeast denver. just a little bit south of the airport. this is one of my favorite online tools tracking weather systems. there is the strong front to the west. the piece dipped here into
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there, low pressure developing out on the plains. it is going to bring a change to the forecast tomorrow. stick around. we will break it down for you coming up in just a bit. >> we will be ready for it chris. thank you. the wind drove a number of fires across the front range today. it is still causing problems for firefighters working on mopup efforts. that is we find jeff todd out near watkins. >> reporter: karen, this is a fire that started about nine hours ago, and firefighters are still on scene as they t mop up what has gone on here. the wind being a major factor for fires both in the city, and out here on the plains. this fire broke out near watkins just after noon. the fire started at this house and burned it to the ground sending flames into the nearby dry fields. there's so much damage that the cause will likely never be found. it quickly grew to more than 60 acres burning another garage with a car inside it.
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quickly, this playground was left unharmed. >> i was scared to death. i thought his house is going to be next and of course, i'm right here. i thought i was going to be next. >> reporter: around 3:30 this afternoon, flames could be seen for miles as the dry hillside between two neighborhoods ignited. two small sheds were damaged but firefighters were able to save the homes. when we were talking to investigators on scene at the fire out in thornton, they said they were still investigating exactly what caused it and when we talked to re on scene, out here on the eastern plains, they said they are going to be on scene much longer. we have seen the fire trucks going all around battling the wind and still quite a number of hot spots. we are live out in adams county. jeff todd, cbs4 news. developing now, an suv covered in hate messages. denver police are investigating after a transgender woman was targeted. karen morfitt has her story tonight. karen, certainly painful she says but she is trying to move on.
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you likely wouldn't know it was hit by vandals. friends have been out here scrubbing off the graffiti all day and leaving more positive messages of their own. amber timmins had one word to describe the messages scrubbed across her suv. >> total shock. complete utter shock. it took me a good 15 minutes to try to recover. >> reporter: timmins, a transgender woman lives in the capitol hill find swastikas and a number of hate words had been spray painted onto her video. >> the really offensive word tranny written across the passenger side really big. it referred to being gay and being ... to die. >> reporter: after calling the police, she snapped these photos and immediately took her story and her concerns with one specific word to social media.
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you immediately associate the two with it being with trump's election. >> reporter: friends and neighbors saw what happened and started showing up at her home helping to scrub the vehicle clean. timmins says while the attack is frightening and extremely personal, the response and notes like these are encouraging. >> we got the hate off. we erased the hate. >> reporter: now, timmins says messages like this have been day. a man in boulder also claimed that hate speech was painted on his vehicle sand a photo also began circulating on social media. according to the boulder daily camera, one of their reporters reached out to the man who admitted that he himself had painted that onto his vehicle. in this case, denver police say there an active investigation. we are live in denver, karen morfitt, cbs4 news. >> thank you karen. new tonight, hillary clinton delivers public remarks for the first time since the
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she spoke at a gala for the children's defense fund. she said people disappointed by the election results need to stay involved. >> i ask you to stay engaged. stay engaged on every level. we need you. america needs you. the energy, your ambition, your talent. that is how we get through this. >> clinton said it was difficult for her to be there tonight. and since the election, she has just wanted to curl up with a good book and her dogs. new at 10:00 tonight, he sounds women say he makes unwanted advances. one even locked herself away when she sees him coming. and the men the women are describing is a denver police officer. cbs4 investigator brian maass is breaking this story for us. >> reporter: he is a denver police officer who is being disciplined for behavior that several women, the denver police chief and fellow
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ramone young has only been with the police department since 2013. but in that short time, three women says he as acted inappropriately with them. something denver's police chief is well aware of. >> obviously, i was greatly disturbed about his behavior. the executive director was greatly disturbed by his behavior. >> reporter: it started last year then the officer, a military veteran responded to a call at rose medical center. according to the city reports, young flirted with an employee there. then, used a law enforcement data base call her. she said the call was unwelcome. made her upset an uncomfortable. he lost two days pay. then, this year, an employee of the denver 7/11 store reported the officer made her very uncomfortable when he came in. so much so, when he visited on duty, she would hide in the cooler to get away from him. and at a denver restaurant, a female employee said when young came in, he made her very,
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followed her home at 3:00 in the morning after closing time. >> obviously, these actions were inappropriate. he was disciplined for that. but, there are still some other parts we are looking into as it relates to his overall behavior and his actions. >> reporter: for these most recent cases he will lose another seven days pay but it is not just civilians complaining. one fellow officer requested not working with young cue to the officer's inappropriate interaction with females. officer young told us the stories about him are very exaggerated. i have no problem with women, he said. no problem dealing with them. chief white said that officer young is not back on the street. but, declined to describe what the officer's current assignment is. officer young said he wants to put this all behind him and get back to work. reporting live from denver police headquarters, brian shaw, cbs4 news. now, the latest on a deadly house fire in aurora.
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condition. stan bush is live at that home along seventh aver now. stan, any word on how this started? >> reporter: jim, we don't know how the fire started but take a look at the damage. fire completely gutted this property. went through the backyard. and it was so bad it caused the roof to collapse. we are spreading the properties around this. neighbors tell us so much fire and smoke, they couldn't even see this structure this morning. amaya mohammed was leaving her home when she saw smoke coming out of her neighbor's house. >> smoke, smoke and ash blowing our way. as i looked i saw the flame. >> reporter: the fire gutted this home and then spread to homes on both sides. seven people were inside this home, but one, a middle-aged woman, did not escape. >> it is scary. when you live around here and that, and you hear that she died, that is sad. >> reporter: four other people
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cause of the fire is not yet known. it is also unclear how much warning the residents have. firefighters today are reminding homeowners to check batteries in their smoke alarms. >> it is tragic. it really is. three houses were affected by the problems in one house. >> reporter: neighbors returned to the sustain of the fire throughout the day, hoping they could find a way to help. >> it has been heavy on my heart all day. and i felt it was right to come down, really see what happened. >> family was displaced. the identity of the woman hoboken died has not been releasted at this point. stan bush, cbs4 news. developing tonight, boulder could open to illegal immigrants. >> cities can choose to not enforce laws. >> coming up, the plans to become a sanctuary city. >> plus, the wild end to a dangerous chase. the bad guys jumped out of their speeding car. >> new tonight, the skyrocketing cost of epipens
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>> would you use this canada drugs website? order drugs into the u.s.? >> are the cheap prices worth the risk? >> and big brother makes the save of the year. >> and dry with record breaking temperatures today. but we have cold air and snow moving into the state. we will have your forecast coming up. >> and the avalanche could have one of their stars back in the lineup tomorrow. plus, the nuggets are looking for their first win at home as they cool down
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>> in the wake of the presidential election, the boulder city council is considers becoming an official sanctuary city which means it would shelter immigrants from laws that could have them deported. tom mustin reports. >> reporter: the boulder city council instructed the city attorney to explore making the city an official shelter for undocumented immigrants. >> we started getting e-mails right after the election. >> reporter: council member mary young says it came about after she and her fellow members were contacted from several immigrants about their safety under a donald trump presidency. >> many are very afraid of what is coming. >> reporter: law enforcement agencies are already safe havens for immigrants. young is not sure how an official status would change things. >> i don't know. that is what we are finding out. >> reporter: resident melinda jordon says it is noble but would violate federal law.
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marijuana thing too. we can say it is legal here, but not everywhere. >> reporter: with boulder sailing into uncharted waters, no matter the outcome, boulder will continue to protect the rights of its residents. >> cities can choose to not enforce laws. and so, that is basically what we would do. >> reporter: tom mustin, cbs4 news. >> the city attorney will provide the city council with its initial report on becoming a sanctuary city december 6. you can see just about anything when the cops in la start chasing people. that cart ll see they all jump out. the car slams into a parked car. by then, the bad guys are scattering in all directions and the police finally found them hiding between other cars and the wall. and talk about a great catch! to miami where a nine-year- old dives in to protect his one- year-old brother. mom had placed the baby on the changing table to the rightened when he slid off, joseph jumped into action making the save to keep his kid brother from
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got a big hug from a relieved mom. >> oh! well grab your blankets. the temperatures are falling fast. >> a 40-degree drop and snow! >> we are starting to see the cool air dip down into northern sections of colorado. buff ahead of that, all the warmth we had, 20 degrees warmer than we were last night. scolder than what we saw in limon. the cold air is going to slide on into sour state. you can see we saw at 5:00 and 6:00. moisture is beginning to develop. more out to the west. this is colder air and this is snow. a peek out to the pacific. here is another system coming our way. that may come our way thanksgiving week. to the story at hand, we have a cold front which is just now dipping down into northeast colorado giving us a surge of cool air. and we will get a secondary surge of cool air coming in from the west. that is probably after sunrise tomorrow.
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let's go to lauren in the colorado weather center. colder and moisture. >> i know. it will be so nice to get them. we really need the moisture and it will be nice to cool off a little bit and feel more like november. at least, that is what we have been hearing. this cold front works its way through tonight and we have more cold air tomorrow. and tomorrow afternoon, there is a chance for snow here in denver, as the system continues to move through. some heavier snowfall as we head toward the high country. off into the eastern plains could have rain for a little while. that may change to snow for system. so it moves pretty quickly. by friday, it is gone and we are looking at maybe a little lingering snow by midnight. but for the most part, the moisture wraps up tomorrow around midnight in the early morning hours into friday. with this storm, we have winter weather advisories so there's actually color on the advisory map. four to 12 inches of snow for some of the front range mountains headed into the foothill areas and into parts of boulder county. and into parts of the tunnels and those areas. maybe up to a foot in high elevations.
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and as we head toward our central mountains areas like aspen and vail, crested butte. we have a winter storm warning so for the lower elevations two to four inches. into the higher elevations maybe five to ten. and the winds are certainly going to get whipping. >> gusty winds will cause the problems with visibility in the high country. as we put our hour by hour into effect, you can see we have the snow moving right on into denver. this is 1:00 in the afternoon tomorrow. maybe rain first and then the snow. then a little break and more snow dips in. about 7:00, toward rush hour. doesn't last very long. it is a quick mover. it is out of here and we go to clear skies. here it is friday at 6:00 p.m. clearings sunny skies for the weekend. as we take a look at how much now snow we will see. foothill areas, mountains. otherwise an inch or less. and it will melt as it hit it is ground. that is how warm it has been. yes, we have all the winter weather in the west. look at what we still have. red flag warning from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. tomorrow.
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this is a record high also, ties the warmest ever in the month of november. and also, the warmest for so late in the year. we should be at 52. we will be below that tomorrow. we are now. 49 and 45 with a northeast wind at 16. 40% humidity. a rising barometer. keystone resort opens this friday. and wolf creek is opening on thanksgiving weekend. temperatures tonight, 30s , 40s , over the eastern plains. 20s and 30s higher up. mostly 30s out thisment only 30s and 40s over most of the eastern plains. southeast, 50s and 60s . 30s for the mountains. 30s and 40s out west. all right, here is your denver forecast. for tonight, increases clouds. in the 30s by morning as it turns colder. light rain or snow tomorrow, we will be in the low 40s and low 40s friday. the difference, all that sunshine. sunny for saturday, sunday, monday, as we warm it up. and we are in the 50s for next week. thanksgiving day.
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rain or snow on the other hand tuesday. >> thanks ed. tonight, a way around the skyrocketing prices of prescription drugs. cbs4 investigator rick sallinger looks into the trend of people going north of the border for life saving medicines. >> not something a parent wants to carry. >> reporter: she is one angry mother. mad at the seller of the epipen. >> i cannot imagine a business model built on the backs of american kids that have gouged american families quite like this one. >> repor s epipen for her daughter tori to counteract allegerrics reactions. >> just covered with redness and irritation. >> reporter: an open epipen two pack is six times more expensive than 2009 in the u.s. myland, the epipen seller responded by offering the cheaper generic version and coupons. >> parents can drive to canada and get this same device that costs american families over $600.
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>> reporter: in fact, they don't even have to driver. the internet is full of what is labeled canadian pharmacies. we contacted one called in winnipeg. >> why is it cheaper there than if i buy it here? >> reporter: we were told because in canada, the government controls the prices. that sounded good. but, the fda said prescription drugs may only be sold by pharmacies and other dispensers that are licensed in the united states. >> >> so can i legally inport this? >> reporter: yes, i was tole. but we dug deeper and found canada drugs was issued a warning for misbranded drugs. in 2014, it was indicted on federal criminal charges of conspiracy to smuggle goods into the united states. >> would you use this canada drugs website to order drugs into the u.s.?
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of pharmacy. we showed her the internet site i contacted. >> there is no guarantee of the potency of the drugs. we have seen in some cases that they are toxic ingredients that are part of the drugs. >> reporter: but tim smith of the canadian international pharmacy association assured us. >> there is absolutely no safety risk whatsoever because the quality of the medication is comparable to the medication that is received in the united states. >> reporter: we found one chain of denver area doctors, new canadian pharmacies to patients. but it does not endorse them. >> it is cheaper to buy a ticket to europe and fly to europe to get your epipens than it is to buy a couple of sets here in the united states.
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,, ,, >> either the nuggets suns were guaranteed to win their fourth game of the season. it was a chance for the nuggets to win their first home game of the season. wilson chandler had a monster night. the bucket and the foul in the first quarter. he had 18 pounds in the first half. and finished with 28 in the second. kenneth faried cleaning up the chandler miss. faried had 20 points and 15 rebounds. his best of the season. then, in the fourth quarter, nuggets with the steal. how about faried going on the
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to mudiay. the bucket and the foul. nuggets get their first win at home over the suns. century link poll question tonight. what has been the nuggets' biggest problem? somewhere between being too young and not having a bonified stars. matt duchene back in practice. he could be back in the lineup tomorrow night. justin simmons named the afc special teams player of week. he did do that in the broncos win over new orleans. he says he prepared the whole game for that moment to plan the perfect jump. >> he told me, you know, normally, we be out there in the field goal, the exit point. you go out there, get a feel. it will feel the snap count. so, if we do run the play, you already have a jump on it. you are not out there guessing. and you know, probably getting a penalty for all sides or
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didn't know if we were even going to use it. but obviously, we needed it at the end of the game and it paid off big time. >> reporter: several former broncos on the list of semifinalists for the 2017 nfl hall of fame class. at some point, they have to put terrell davis in. 15 finalists in january. when we come back, they are people too unless you with 40 megs of internet speed from centurylink, streaming, gaming, or downloading movies. all you need is high-speed internet from centurylink. get up to 40 megs for just $20 a month for one year when bundled with a qualifying home phone plan. speed may not be available in your area. no, that's okay. i'm not hungry. don't worry about me. okay.
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>> keep your head on a swivel next time you go out on for a job. the deer in pennsylvania not happy about the guys getting in their business. the runner tackled there was bruised but not seriously injured. well, it is hard for a kick tore get much love. one miss and their fans want to cut them and apparently, ravens wide receiver steve smith doesn't have much use for them either. >> tucker makes it, great.
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tucker. okay? just do your job! man! i would rather go to a circus, a carnival, a fair, or even a medieval festival. and watch cotton candy be made before i watch justin tucker and the other guy practice kicking before pregame to see the evolution of kicking. sorry. >> he was asked about
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,, >> anybody for golf? estes park? if you do, you have to get around the course as far as the eye can see. >> and they play so they never let you play through. captioning sponsored by cbs >> hey, stephen. >> stephen: yeah, paul, what's up? >> did you see this? carrey fisher admitted to having an affair with harrison ford while filming "star wars." >> stephen: yeah, i did hear that. and, look, man, i've got a


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